With the Pretashop e-commerce platform you have a myriad of options available to you. You can do anything you want, from one-page checkout systems to cross selling multiple items on your site. If you have a store with many products the Our Pretashop service will be perfect for you.


Design And Development


We design a unique look for your business using the Pretashop software as a base for your store. We have many years developing with this software and we know all the little tricks. We work with you personally to design something that really suits your needs.


Personalized customization


You can sell downloadable products, or products that need to be shipped. You can have sales, custom checkout pages and so much more. We create a unique experience for your customers and give your business a real edge online with this advanced e-commerce platform.


We setup your product catalog from scratch in the Pretashop software and build a secure checkout design on top of the existing tool to give you a unique shop look. We create a client account and show you how you can easily manage the store yourself by adding or removing products. You can do so much with this software that it will keep surprising you.


Products can be displayed in many ways from sale discounts to limited quantities. We work with you personally to find out what these needs are then build them into the platform beautifully.


Built In Marketing


We are experts at marketing websites and with the Pretashop software it’s even easier. Every product you have and every page we make will have targeted marketing built into it so each page is optimized for the search engines.


We can migrate a complete site for you or built it from scratch and use the marketing capabilities of Pretashop to give you the best chance at ranking. Every page will be optimized perfectly so your customers can find you with no problems. The site displays well on all devices and your customers will be able to shop securely and comfortably wherever they are.