You may have graphics created by a designer that you need to display online. It can be complicated to get graphics to show up just right, especially if they are integrated into a site. With complex graphics like full-page designs or menu graphics, these have to be hardcoded into the site.


The Complicated Bit


We take your graphics from your current site and turn them into advanced HTML and CMS code so your site displays beautifully. This gives your PSD graphics many different uses online. This is the complicated bit but we take care of everything for you. Now your site will display on all browsers, in word press, or e-commerce stores. We can also turn your graphics into a Magento theme or any other type of site.


Graphics Into Art


Having a graphic is just the foundation of a beautiful site. We take that graphic and make it website art by giving it the coding to make it really shine. With the right coding your site will display on any browser and respond to the users screen size and every touch. As your user scrolls, your graphics come alive and respond to their movements.


We can use the graphics for developing plugins or word press themes and create all the code from scratch so you are getting a perfected site that’s made just for you. We have years of expertise turning any graphics into brilliantly functioning websites. Your designs can now start working for you and your customers to create an online experience that will make them want to keep coming back for more.


E-commerce Platforms


We also convert your graphics into an e-commerce store using Magento or Woocommerce. This allows your simple designs to be turned into a revenue generating online store where your customer can buy your products or services.


With any e-commerce store it’s important to have a well functioning design that gives your customers a positive user experience. We make the product pages, checkout pages and entire process easy to understand and use.


We provide ongoing support for all of your design and website building needs and manage the maintenance of your site.